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Our Green Policy



All the supplied teas, coffees, biscuits are fair trade.

As much as possible is recycled, water bottles are glass refillable from filter and all the rooms have a filter in the fridge. Toiletries are refilled and bottles and containers reused, as are the jars of coffee and tea. Furniture is often upcycled, fabric reused from other projects, chairs recovered. Furniture that is no longer used gets passed on to homeless charities. 

Fascilites that use energy such as fridges, showers, lights, are all environmentally friendly models or with adaptions, for example the shower heads conserve water without effecting the pressure, all fridges are AA models and bulbs are low energy. When rooms are not in use heating and the fridges are turned down or off.

 We are always looking for ways to make green innovations and source things more locally or ethically. We have just partnered up with a local bike company and will soon have a supply of bikes for guests to rent. We already encourage use of the local bus service.  


Sustainable and Green Suggestions for Guests

 Local Busses

The 35 bus runs regularly between the city centre and picks up/drops off right outside The Oxford Studios. 

The 35 timetable Other Buses

Taxis Service

Green Taxis

(We recommend using Green Taxis for airport ferry too
Heathrow approx. £70
Gatwick approx. £105)

Don?t run on public holidays Phone number:01235 811100


Electric Cars

 The nearest charge point is just down the road at Redbridge Park&Ride 

Ashurst Way

Eating Out Locally-Owned Local Walks  A few Suggestions for Families

Why do we call ourselves 'green'? What makes us different?



Green Touris Business Scheme

We have just registered with the scheme and are already working toward our next grading. One of our current aims is to encourage more bird life in the garden, so far we've seen blackbirds, bluetits, robins, sparrows. We're currently working on updating our green plan which will appear here shortly. 

GT england silver.jpg

the GTBS homepages, for more information on the award

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